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  • Ron Rechan

Does Your LinkedIn Account Need A Refresh In 2024?

Everyone knows that managing your personal brand on LinkedIn is non-negotiable. However, it’s now 2024 and as a seasoned entrepreneur it's essential to go beyond treating your profile as a digital resume and instead leverage the platform to showcase thought leadership - to tell your unique entrepreneurial story. 

If you don’t tell your story, who will?

A quick 2024 LinkedIn refresher:

1. Headline: Put some creativity and utilize the 120-character headline space to convey your founder journey and current role.  Be creative!

2. About Section: Tell your entrepreneurial story, major accomplishments, and ventures funded to paint a compelling narrative. It’s okay to show off!

3. Media Uploads: Share imagery, presentations, videos, and other media that capture you (or the company you lead) as a thought leader.  If such media is hard to come by, make 2024 the year to be loud and proud!

4. Content Posting Cadence: Consistently post owned content like articles, blog posts, and video commentary to position yourself as an expert.  Again, create a content calendar in 2024 to capture and publish your activities. 

5. Hashtag Usage: include relevant hashtags liberally across your content and profile to increase discoverability.  Here is a great article on this subject:

6. Audience Engagement: Actively engage with your followers and broader community by liking, commenting, and sharing high-caliber content.  If you engage others - others will engage you!  

7. Open Networking: Accept open connection requests and build a large, high-quality network.   By executing numbers 1 - 6, you should find your Linkedin inbox full of quality connection requests.

By proactively implementing these strategies on LinkedIn, you can not only enhance your influencer status but also unlock significant business upside. As a business consultant, I have seen firsthand how company founders (who build a strong personal brand on LinkedIn) translate increased LinkedIn visibility to top line revenue. Engaging meaningfully with a growing network on LinkedIn can open doors to new business opportunities and partnerships, while also allowing your content to reach a wider audience beyond your immediate network.

As we begin 2024, it's clear that LinkedIn's role in business success continues to be driven by innovation and professional networking, making it an indispensable platform for entrepreneurs and business leaders.  Refreshing your personal brand on LinkedIn is not just about self-promotion; it's about sharing your unique value proposition and reaping the tangible business benefits that come with it.

BTW - don’t forget to update your picture!

Make LinkedIn a priority in 2024!

Ron Rechan

Business Consultant


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