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  • Ron Rechan

The Dos and Don'ts of Customer Service: A Survival Guide by Ron Rechan

In this fast-paced world, providing exceptional customer service is the key to keeping your mid-size business afloat. So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the dos and don'ts of customer service that will ensure your success and leave your customers singing your praises.

The Dos of Customer Service:

  • Listen Up! Engage in active listening, empathize with your customers' needs, and personalize your approach. Customers want to feel heard and understood, so be the attentive ear they're looking for.

  • Empower Your Employees: Empower your employees to make decisions and solve problems on their own. Trust them with the authority to resolve issues promptly, which will lead to happier customers and motivated employees.

  • Clear Communication: T Avoid jargon and confusing language. Communicate clearly and concisely to prevent misunderstandings and ensure customers know exactly what to expect from your products or services.

  • Follow Up or Fail: Don't let customer interactions be a one-off event. Follow up with customers to ensure their satisfaction and address any lingering concerns. Building a relationship after the sale will set you apart from the competition.

  • Go Big or Go Home: Surprise and delight your customers by going above and beyond what they expect. Whether it's a small gesture or a grand gesture, the extra effort will leave a lasting impression.

The Don'ts of Customer Service:

  • Don't Be a Ghost: Ignoring customer inquiries or complaints is a surefire way to lose their loyalty and tarnish your reputation. Respond promptly, even if it's just to acknowledge their message while you work on a solution.

  • Broken Promises: Never make promises you can't keep. Manage expectations and be honest about what your business can deliver. Trust is hard-won but easily lost.

  • Rudeness is Not a Virtue: Ensure your employees treat customers with respect and courtesy at all times. A rude encounter can sour even the most loyal customers.

  • Underpromise and Overdeliver: While you should manage expectations, don't be afraid to surprise your customers with even better service than they anticipated. Deliver more than promised and watch your reputation soar.

  • Tough Love: Feedback, whether positive or negative, is an opportunity for growth. Don't take it personally; use it to improve your business and strengthen customer relationships.

As a Business Consultant, Here Is Ron Rechan's Must-Do Advice:

  • Tech Up Your Service: Embrace technology to streamline customer service processes. From chatbots for instant assistance to AI-driven analytics, technology can enhance the overall customer experience.

  • Diversity and Inclusion: Ensure your business practices inclusivity and diversity, reflecting the values and preferences of a diverse customer base. Make every customer feel welcome and valued.

  • Emotional Intelligence: Train your employees in emotional intelligence to understand and respond to customers' emotions effectively. A little empathy goes a long way in building lasting connections.

  • Authenticity is the Best Policy: Be open and honest with your customers, even when things go awry. Authenticity breeds trust and loyalty, even in the face of challenges.

  • Long-Term Love: Focus on building strong, long-lasting relationships with your customers. Offer loyalty programs, exclusive offers, and personalized touches to keep them coming back for more.

Armed with this survival guide, you are now equipped to conquer the customer service realm and turn your mid-size business into a customer satisfaction powerhouse. Remember, it's not just about making sales; it's about building connections that stand the test of time. Happy serving! By Ron Rechan, Business Consultant. Also check out:


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